About Li-Shang Printing Company

Who we are

Established in 2006, Li-Shang Printing Company has served as a full-service printing and graphic arts design company for a decade. Printing jobs range from fantastic gift boxes, display stands to all kinds of packaging, and anything related to printing. With our own professional design group, jobs can be taken from conception to completion. Bindery and finishing services such as die cutting, gluing, folding and scoring, pose no problem for our skilled group. Our wide and varied customer base includes, but is not limited to, large corporations, advertising agencies, manufacturers, medical and health care facilities, educational institutions and small businesses. We offer competitive pricing with exceptional quality and production scheduling to meet customers' needs. We take pride in the ability to fulfill all the requirements of our customers.

Pursuit of excellence, beyond satisfaction

To make customers more than satisfied is of paramount important to Li-Shang---Good is not enough, but excellent is. We do everything our best, keep learning and absorbing from our customers, our competitors, and everyone we met. It’s an attitude of pursuit of excellence, with strict self-discipline we continuously broaden our eyesight and improve ourselves to achieve “Beyond Satisfaction”.

  • We can be found anytime.
  • The service is flexible, diversity and cost-effective under our resource integration.
  • Through deeply and enthusiastic communication, ideas can be shaped into end-products that totally meet customers’ needs.
  • With strict quality control, fantastic end-products are assured.

Business concept

To make everyone’s life better

We believe that corporation is meant to make everyone’s life better---from employees, customers, to end-product users. Our employees are expected to develop the sense of beauty and the ability of independent thinking to fulfill their works perfectly, and strong will to face all challenges in life and work. Customers find not only a subcontractor here, but a partner and a friend in business to come across all the difficulties that they can rely on. End-product users can simply appreciate things they get with highest quality and are harmless to environment. To accomplish the goals mentioned above, we make strict requirement to ourselves that is never forgotten ---“pursuit of excellence, beyond satisfaction”, that’s what we committed to our customers.

Our team

Sales Department

Our sales are always full of energy and can be your best partner. They are active and enthusiastic, and are professionals of printing. Any of your problems can be solved by them.

Design Department

As the soul of printing, they look deeply inside the market and find out leading elements to present in their designs. Making conception into drawings, they endow lives to products.

Product Control Department

They are specialized in procession scheduling and with thorough understanding to control the quality of printings. From plating to finishing, they grasp on every link within.

Accounting Department

With the well-rounded accounting system, we can realize customers’ financial circling and can give them a hand at the right moment. They are our best assistants.